Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meet Ryan

We know him as Ryan, you know him as the-guy-that-prices-clothes, but we all had better call him by his rightful name: The Studmaster. 

Ahem, allow us to explain. With a fistful of brass pyramids and the callouses to prove it, the ever-creative Ryan hand studs anything and everything your heart desires, from tough leather jackets to summer-ready denim shorts. On the weekends you'll find him working the Brooklyn flea circuit with his own brand of coveted vintage wearables or working on his rock 'n roll inspired vintage/jewelry project at Royal Curiosity. Or you might find him art-directing photo shoots. Or styling musical acts. Or perhaps even dabbling in a little e-Bay. Did we mention that he studied acting?  Multi-talented doesn't even begin to cover it.

Stop in and say hello to Ryan. (He'll be in The Sorting Room)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Auction Window: Lemonade on the Rocks

The inspiration for this window is something that, thanks to this very late spring, we haven't had the chance to fully enjoy yet: a tall glass of icy lemonade!

 From the punchy yellow club chair to the crystal-clear lucite lamp, bottle sling, lighter, and table, this room was built on the idea of crisp and refreshing modernity you can taste.

Even our penguin bank (on ice!) is enjoying the chill vibes.

Auction ends Wednesday, April 27 at 8pm. Bids may be placed in person or over the phone (212-877-0777) on the auction clipboard near the register.

Happy Bidding!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vintage Thrift Closed for Passover Holiday

Just a little reminder that we will be closed for Passover celebrations on the following dates:
Tuesday, April 19
Wednesday, April 20 
Monday, April 25
Tuesday, April 26

To tide you over, why not check out Refinery29's roundup of fun Passover finds or create your own Passover e-card? Bubbeh would be so pleased.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vintage Thrift Receives Rave Reviews from Blogger and New York News Station

When it rains, it pours . . . and so far this month has been full of showers! While it's been sopping wet outdoors,  it's been pouring praise inside our humble storefront. Click the following links to read two recent reviews from savvy shopping blog Thrift Store Confidential and local news station CBS New York

We're positively thrilled to be featured by these two great resources. If these are our April showers, we can't wait to see what sort of May flowers they'll  bring!


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