Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Auction Window: Jadite Kitchen Dreamsicle

This kitchen is such a dream! From the milky green jadite pieces and translucent depression glass to the spicy Fiesta ware and Pyrex mixing bowl set, everything in here has us tumbling towards nostalgia--and fast.

 This rare and beautiful bakelite  flatware set, syrup pourer and creamy butter dish certainly aren't helping. Remember when mom made pancakes in the large yellow Pyrex?

Just take one look at this retro Kitchen Aid mixer, and tell us you aren't longing for the good ol' days.  We wouldn't believe you anyway!

Auction ends Tuesday, December 7 at 8pm.  Bids may be placed in person or over the phone (212-871-0777) on the auction clipboard near the register.

Happy Bidding!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

For Your Listening Pleasure: Tartan Horde's "Bay City Rollers We Love You"

Inspired by the daily complements we receive regarding our store soundtrack, FYLP is an ongoing series in which we highlight a current favorite shuffling through the iPod.

Let's face it, we all have our influences. But in 1975, Tartan Horde took devotion to a whole new level. Producing a sole 7" single for release in Japan (where we hear they're big), the kilted group let's us know just how impressed they are with one of the greatest pop groups of the '70s... the Bay City Rollers. A campy song that reminds of a cheerleader socks and homecoming games, let's hear it for Tartan Horde!

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Auction Window: Pug-alicious

Ooooh, an entire room stuffed with the most exotic treasures from the East--our favorite, of course, being the adorable pug cookie jars!

We love the way their frowning grins perfectly capture the harumph of many a pug.

Other treasures include the brass lotus candle holders, red lacquer bowls and a pair of "sheaf of wheat" lamps.

And what better place to stow exotic secrets than in an ornate chest, cabinet or box. This room features four such hideaways- a lacquered Coromandel chest, a mini carved cinnabar cabinet, and two sets of black lacquered boxes (with either red or gold detailing).

The William Morris stretched fabric, pair of Oriental prints and tramp art stool are also available.

Bidding ends Tuesday, November 16 at 8pm. Bids may be placed in person or by phone (212-871-0777) on the auction clipboard near the register.
Happy bidding!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Meet Allison

Allison is perhaps best described as our resident Greek goddess (at least that's what one customer claims). A fitting title for the future Mrs. Kirstein, considering she studied Greek and Roman classics at Skidmore. Allison's background in the liberal arts (and antiques!) made her a perfect match for our books section, where she's been laying the smack down since 2007. Since she's a native Manhattanite, we wouldn't recommend bringing any sass into Allison's library, or she's bound to lay the smack down on you. Offer her a genuine complement instead, and she'll turn as sweet as pie--although, we hear she prefers eclairs.

Stop in and say hello to Allison.