Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Introducing Ilana's Favorite Things

This week we're letting Vintage Thrift staff member Ilana S. take the wheel. Ilana came to us nearly two years ago with her bohemian-meets-metal style (yes, that is a thing), the eye of a trained photographer, and some seriously pouty lips (oh, man, is she going to hate us for that, but, hey, this girl can MODEL!). Here, she introduces us to a new feature she likes to call "Ilana's Favorite Things."
. . . . . . . . . .

So, I don't know if many of you are aware of what happens when you start working at a thrift store. At first, it's a total dream come true you start saying things to yourself like, "Man, my apartment is going to be so cool. My friends are going to be so jealous . . ." It's heaven on earth or in your room, car, or purse for a while, but then reality strikes, and those feelings of heaven are replaced by the dread of h-e-double-hockey-stick (and for the record, we Jews don't believe in such a thing, but if we did, then THAT place). You start sweating because your coworkers are on to you, your friends no longer have any place to sit in your apartment, and you're scared to watch "Hoarders" because you're afraid that you might actually be one. And when that happens, you HAVE to take control of your life. I'm not saying that this pertains to me specifically, but I mean, I can understand how this might happen . . . and when it does, you've got to fight those demons, start duct taping boxes, and give it all back. 

When you are that person, you have to find a way to "make it work" for you. So here is my suggestion: Start taking photos of all the things you like, and tell your friends, your family, or even your  blog about all the cool things you've found. You'll feel so satisfied! Plus, you can take comfort in knowing that when you take control of your life, those little cat figurines will be right there waiting for you . . . proudly posing on your friend's coffee table.

Anyway, the POINT IS: sometimes not collecting things can be its own fun little game. We all do our best to be minimalists here at Vintage Thrift so that we can give you the best of the best (and avoid any "hoarder" accusations!). This is why I've compiled a Facebook album called "Ilana's Favorite Things".
 . . . . . . . . . .

Ilana will be bringing you updates on her favorite donations on Vintage Thrift's Facebook page. Give us a "like" to keep up with what's in-store right now.

Editor's note- We're sure you've always wondered about it, and the answer's finally here: Yes, employees are allowed to make purchases, so long as they follow a few guidelines. Some of the rules include allowing an item to be on the sales floor for an appropriate length of time, and purchased items must not exceed a certain price point. That set of six Donghia 'Anziano' chairs yeah, not happenin'!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Show Us What You Got, Catherine Kirkpatrick

Like most New Yorkers, Catherine Kirkpatrick has a string of hyphenates attached to her name; along with celebrated photographer, the Kenyon College alum can tack contributing editor, graphic artist, and published author on to her list of accomplishments.

As a long time fan of Vintage Thrift, it only seems appropriate that "vintage lover-and-seasoned thrifter" should be added on as well. One look at her work and it's easy to see a deep sense of nostalgia a feeling that draws in so many thrifters running through it.

Whether she's capturing the remains of an old manse or the complex gaze of a woman, Kirkpatrick's interest lies in the history of a place, the story behind a stare; the is now versus the was of yesteryear. In her still lifes, she explores the separation of form from function as immutable glass bends and curves nearly beyond recognition.


Kirkpatrick divulges that she regularly shops the Vintage Thrift shelves for inspiration. Among her favorite objets d'art, she counts antique photographs, glass objects, and vintage dolls.

Many a creepy doll (found at Vintage Thrift, of course) made their art world debut in Kirkpatrick's Happily Ever After, which was exhibited at the Artspace Mackay gallery in Australia last year. Prior to that, Picture in a Box (featuring a vintage wedding photo from yours truly), was shown at the Calumet Photographic Gallery in the Flatiron District.

Keep up with the latest and greatest from Catherine Kirkpatrick here. She can be reached at catherinekirkpatrick1@gmail.com.

Have a Vintage Thrift shop story? Send it in (along with any pics) to Ashley at vintagethriftnyc@gmail.com.

All images via the artist.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ring In The New Year By Bringing In The Goods

Well, it's already a full week into the new year, and like clockwork, the opportunity for bringing in your 2011 charitable donations has passed but that doesn't mean you can't get a huge head start on your 2012 tax return. Drop off any gently used digs, duds, or do-hickeys you may have laying around the house apartment any time we're open. Really! Just be sure to pick up a receipt and come tax time 2012, the IRS — and your wallet — will thank you. Plus, if you're more of the instant gratification type, you can check off good-doing on your list of resolutions. Cheers!

*Please call to ask about our free furniture pickups or to schedule a time for drop-offs of large items. We regret that we cannot accept any more book donations at this time. Thank you for a very generous 2011 - and be sure to browse our super selection of best-selling books!