Monday, March 26, 2012

Refinery29 Editor-in-Chief Puts Vintage Thrift On Her List Of Ultimate Thrifts

via Refinery29
While it's safe to say that we adore all of our awesome customers, we've had a serious crush on Refinery29 Editor-in-Chief Christene Barberich for quite some time now. From her $40 thrift store challenges to unbelievable designer finds on eBay, this fierce founding mother of fashion has high-low style down-pat. That's why we're positively thrilled to see our name included on her list of ultimate NYC vintage and thrift shops out last week. Not only that, she went on to name us "possibly one of the best thrift shops in New York City." How sweet! Read Christene's complete how-to thrift guide here.

And in more rave reviews news, power blogger Monroe Steele (whose own pretty mug - and feet - have graced the style pages of Refinery29) highlighted Vintage Thrift as one of her top 10 thrift or vintage stores. While she says her list is in no particular order, she did place us first . . . and that makes us feel pretty good, too.