Sunday, October 21, 2012

Make No Bones About It, This Month's Auction Window Is Our Creepiest Yet!

Is that a cool fall breeze we're feeling, or is it just the chilly vibes radiating from our latest, most spooktacular display?

We'll let you be the judge of that, as you place your bets bids on more than three dozen objets d'oddity up for grabs in our usual silent-auction format.

Steampunks, natural history buffs, and fans of curiosity shops alike will find plenty to be thrilled about, starting with a glass-knobbed, turn-of-the-century dental chest of drawers and the equally uncommon sterilizing cabinet. 

There are also tons of creep-tastic gadgets to go 'round (including two vintage razor kits and an assortment of apothecary bottles), plus reproduction skulls of all shapes and sizes.

Auction ends Tuesday, October 30 at 8pm. Bids may be placed on the auction clipboard near the register or by phone (212.871.0777).

Happy bidding!