Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Auction Window: Tumble Room

Whoops! --you're going to have to hurry up for this one; bidding ends THIS TUESDAY May 25 at 8pm.

Roll on in to the Tumble Room, where a set of 5 Superleggera chrome chairs and a Ben Shahn McCarthy Peace print defy the rules of gravity. A topsy turvy blue glass vase and biomorphic green vase add to the surreal feel, while a set of four Catherinholm bowls (in black), handmade beaded poppies, and enamel clock decorate the space. A 1960s teal TV (what a looker!), wool Kilim rug, wall mount swag lamp, and tension pole shelving unit keep it firmly grounded in the real.

Dress and accessories will be available for purchase (rather than auction) following the close of the auction.

As always, Happy Bidding!

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