Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Staff Support: Lilly & Will Tie the Knot

No knots were harmed in the joining of VT manager Lilly and her fiance-turned-husband, Will, in holy matrimony earlier this month. The lovely couple took the aisle less traveled, pledging their vows at art gallery and event space Grand Opening. To celebrate the union, friends, family, and fellow staff members headed out to that crazy Indian place on 1st ave (you know the one!), where fresh naan was gorged upon, bubbly was sipped, and much merry was made over the happy couple.

We now dub thee W-illian!

Lilly's ascent into matrimonial bliss corresponds with her departure from the Vintage Thrift crew. We send her (and Will) off with the very best of wishes. Congratulations, you two!


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