Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life Gets a Bit Sweeter: VT @ CherryDeals

Let's face it, life is pretty sweet right now--baseball season is starting up, the iPad just came out, and Justin Bieber is sooo dreamy. Nope, it couldn't get much better than this.

Unless, of course, money started sprouting on trees.

While we're fresh out of seedlings, we do have a super sweet, double-your-money-deal for die hard Vintage fans. Through (totally legit, non spammy web site), for $15 you receive $30 towards any VT purchase over $30. That's like finding a 15 dollar bill in your pocket!

PLUS, you will receive FREE admission to our upcoming bridal gown and vintage dress event.
AND, you will jump to the front of the line of said event.
AND, you will be thought of very highly and heralded by all of the Vintage Thrift Shop crew.
AND, no promises here, but Justin Bieber might serenade you!

(Ok, that last one is definitely not happening).

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