Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Just In! A Must-Have Guide To Thrift Shopping In New York

Earlier this month, Toshiba's hottest new blogger Monroe Steele published Thrift and the City, a pocket-sized guide to thrift shopping in New York City. In its 13 jam-packed pages, Steele explains not only HOW to shop for vintage and second-hand goods, but WHERE to find the best deals.

With phone numbers, addresses, and websites at your disposal, mapping out your thrifting route becomes a lot more manageable with Steele's guidance. From the six shops in the "Thrift Corridor" (where you'll find Vintage Thrift) to the Angel Street/Housing Works/Pippin trifecta in Chelsea, Steele has sifted through the second-hand racks again and again to give you a heads up on the best locations for finding designer and vintage diamonds in the rough.

Think it's going to be more than a hot minute before you make it to the Big Apple? That's okay, too the guide offers plenty of tips for shopping thrift and vintage no matter where you are located (Here's a hint: thrift and vintage are not synonymous!).

With Thrift and the City in your arsenal, you can feel comfortable slipping on your highest heels and letting Steele do the legwork for you. For a more personal experience, the powerhouse blogger also offers tailored thrift shopping tours.

Thrift and the City: A Guide to New York City Thrift and Vintage Shopping is now available for e-purchase. The file is both downloadable and printable for your convenience.

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