Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thrift-able: Annie Hall Style

The fashion fad known as the "Annie Hall look" was a moment in sartorial history that almost wasn't: At first costumer Ruth Morley balked at the menswear style Diane Keaton wore on set (the clothing was culled from her own closet), but director Woody Allen insisted that Keaton get her way. "She's a genius," he claimed, "Let her wear what she wants."

While we have to admit that Keaton's covered up look seems a bit much for summertime (though Allen's all-white ensemble suggests that this is a pre-Labor Day outfit), that doesn't mean we can't take a little accessories advice from the NYC icon. Polka dot scarves, straw totes, and boyish vests are just the beginning of this boy-meets-girl love affair the best part, of course, is that the Annie Hall look can be easily scouted at your nearest thrift shop (hint, hint)!

—And the movie is pretty good, too.

Have you ever gone through an Annie Hall phase? Are you way into '70s scarves but totally over vests? Do Woody Allen's neuroses make you feel a bit crazy yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

*tote from FreePeople
*scarf from ModCloth

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