Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thrift Store DIY: Vintage Handkerchief Banner

Vintage printed handkerchiefs are kind of like antique photographs; beautiful to look at and fun to collect, but sort of purposeless in the modern era -- that is, until now.

Thanks to the collective conscious of Pinterest (seriously, get with it), we've scouted the perfect solution for these forgotten fabric swatches . . . hankie banners!

via 100 Layer Cake
Fold several squares in half to form triangles and then knot them together end-to-end for effortless event decor. Tie up a banner or two at your next backyard BBQ or string them along the aisle at a crafty gal's wedding. You could even use the banners for dressing up your windows, or that awkward blank space above your bed frame instant headboard!

Custom combos can be made using this awesome rubber stamp idea from MichaelAnn Made, via papernstitch. The possibilities are virtually endless.

via MichaelAnn Made/papernstitch

Have you made a hankie banner before? Do you have an idea for a Thrift Store DIY?  We want to know! Send your project (and any pictures) to Ashley at

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